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Buy Birth Certificate Online

Your birth certificate is an important personal document. It's proof of identity for many purposes, such as claiming government benefits, enrolling in school and applying for a passport or driver licence. Before you can get a birth certificate, the birth needs to be registered.

Get a marriage certificate

Marriage certificates are a celebration of a special part of your life. They're also an important personal document. You can use the certificate as proof of your wedding for official purposes.

Fake Bank Statements

These are high quality educational bank documents based on a novelty bank account of the most known USA, Canada, UK, Australasia and Europe banks. These novelty documents are available for digital delivery upon filling out an order form.

Divorce Certificate

To get a copy of your divorce record or for any other divorce-related enquiries contact us now

Get a death certificate

If you do need to apply for a dead certificate contact us now, we will issue a death certificate and registered the death.

Editing and Other Documents

We also offer other products such as novelty flight tickets, translation services, tenancy agreements, brand creation and development and other general editing services such as proof of address letter.

Fake Diploma from Florida International University

Florida International University (FIU) is situated in Miami, Florida. It is a public research University at University Park. Florida International is the first and only known school in the whole of South Florida to achieve the ‘Emergency Preeminence’ that was designated by the Florida legislature.

Fake Diploma from The City University of New York

The City University of New York is located in the heart of New York City, providing high quality and affordable education for New Yorkers. Offering a wide range of disciplines, from culture to technology all the way to economics, the university embraces its role at the forefront for social change.


Arizona State University (ASU) is a public institution that was founded in the year 1885. The University boasts of the largest undergraduate population in the nation with a total number of 42,844 undergraduate enrollments. The University has a very large campus size and it has 4 different campuses in different locations in the Phoenix area. In 2020, Arizona State University emerged as the 117th position in the listing of the best colleges in National Universities.

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